Spin Doctor Genomic Solution Set

For rapid and consistent isolation of genomic DNA from rodent tail, earpunches, or cultured cells.

Spin Doctor Genomic Solutiom Set

Fast, Easy, Phenol Free, Economical Tail Prep

Genomic DNA Solution Set

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250 Prep Solution Set



500 Prep Solution Set


  1. This kit requires you to supply the Proteinase K tubes to digest samples in 1-2 hours
  2. After digest, use the Spin Doctor Genomic Wash Buffer to clean up the DNA
  3. Produces great yields of very clean DNA without tedious protocols or hazardous solvents

Inexpensive: Produces clean DNA elinimating the need for hot start taq!

Fast Cleanup Protocol: 15 min. for PCR quality
30 min. for Southern Blotting quality

Great Yield: 40 – 60 ug per sample

Format: Individual 2.0mL tubes

Sample Origination: rodent tail, ear punch or cultured cells

Throughput: 1 – 24 samples (only limited by heat block and centrifuge capacity)

ECOR1 Digest
PCR Genotyping

Agarose gel analysis of genomic DNA from 3 distinct mouse tail samples (1 millimeter section) prepared with the Spin Dr. Genomic DNA Isolation Kit. 15uL of sample was digested with 3 uL of ECO R1 and run on a 1% gel.

PCR analysis of 1 uL samples of 3 distinct mouse tails using both GAPDH and Wild Type Primers.


Solution Set Protocol (PDF)


Material Safety Data Sheets/ Kit Contents
Genomic Resuspension Buffer
Genomic Wash Buffer
Final Resuspension Buffer



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